The trust has been established by the owners of the Tara Iti golf course development in response to consent requirements. The trust is incorporated under the Charities Act 2005. There are three foundation trustees, Linda Guzik, Peter Wilson and Ewen Henderson. While the trust primarily concentrates on the Mangawhai Wildife Refuge and the coastal strip of Te Arai Beach, there is provision for the trust to widen its area of charitable interest.

Trust Objectives

  • 1.Provide resources as needed for preservation and conservation of Fairy Terns and other at-risk shorebirds.
  • 2.Actively promote growth in the number of Fairy Terns and at-risk shorebirds.
  • 3.Encourage the enhancement, sustainable management and conservation of the physical natural environment.
  • 4.Raise public awareness of conservation value and encourage local community involvement.
  • 5.Work collaboratively with organisations which will further the Trust's objectives.
  • In short the Trustees see themselves helping to provide financial, technical and research resourcing to organisations and volunteers committed to providing action on the ground, including Te Uri O Has, Department of Conservation, BirdsNZ, About Tern, the Fairy Tern Trust and Forest and Bird.

    To date, financial resources and donations have been provided by the onwers, construction and development interests associated with the Tara Iti Golf Course and accommodations and participants in the annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Trust Action Includes

  • a. Provide donated utility vehicle use for day-to-day operations of wardens, trapper and Conservation Ranger.
  • b.Provide predator control along the Marginal Strip and Te Arai Stream.
  • c.Particpated in the DOC internal review of NZ Fairy Tern Recovery Program and assisted in the development of a coordinated approach with all stakeholders.
  • d.Providing financial, technical and research resources to support the NZ Fairy Tern Recovery Plan, focusing primarily on the science underpinnings.
  • e.Partnering with DOC on education and advocacy.
  • f.Host the annual Charity Golf tournament, the principal source of funds for the Trust.